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Dear parents and guardians,

my name is Lisa Denger, I am a psychologist (Diplom-Psychologin) and psychotherapist for children and adolescents (approbierte Kinder- und Jugendlichenpsychotherapeutin). I offer behavioral psychotherapy for children and adolescents from the age of 0 to 21 years. In times of acute crises, challenging life circumstances and mental health issues I provide professional help. I treat a wide variety of mental health issues and symptoms, like anxiety, depression, ADHD, bed wetting, autism, eating disorders, etc.

The well-being of the whole family is highly important for me.

During a child´s development it is normal that difficulties, conflicts and worries appear. If they are ongoing or difficult, a psychotherapy can be helpful. Contact me for any further questions or information whether it is about your baby, kindergarden child or schoolchild.


If you are stressed or struggling with problems at school, with your friends or family, you can contact me.

Teenagers over the age of 14 are able to come to therapy alone.

Some topics are hard to talk about and you might feel insecure or ashamed. It is important for me to provide a safe environment and there are no taboos.


I treat privately and state insured patients my private praxis. My fee is based on the standardised rates of “Gebührenverordnung für Psychotherapeuten”, “Gebührenordnung für Ärzte”.

Payment for my praxis is done through “Kostenerstattung”.

State insured patients

As by law, each child has the right to be treated with psychotherapy within a reasonable waiting period and not too far from home. If this not possible, your health insurance has to cover the costs of a private praxis.

I will give you all the details over the phone or in our first meeting. Of course I will help you with the bureaucracy.

Privately insured patients

Private patients are asked to check with their health insurance and “Beihilfe”, whether the costs are covered.

Paying privately

Of course it is possible to pay privately, therefore the fee is based on the “Gebührenordung für Psychotherapeuten.”

About me

I studied psychology at the University of Trier, then moved to Berlin and continued my education to become a psychotherapist at the Institut für Verhaltenstherapie Berlin (IVB). I have worked in a lot of different fields, including the children´s psychiatry of “Charité”, several projects with the youth centre, like “Kinderhaus Berlin Mark Brandenburg”. Currently I work in the autism centre in Steglitz “Autismus Ambulanz Steglitz”.